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Complexity in Project and Programme Management (EN) – SE Training

The Cynefin framework has now been used around the world in contexts as diverse as the boardrooms of international fashion houses, software development teams and SWAT teams on the city streets. Decision-makers have applied it across all levels of organisation and in almost every industry. (more…)

Quality on Time (EN) – SE Training

We will study and exercise techniques how to continuously improve our effectiveness and efficiency, how to predict what we will have done when and taking the consequence, solving the discipline problem, exploiting our intuition mechanism, continuously balancing priorities, keeping focus, coping with differences in disciplines and cultures, adopting a Zero-Defect attitude and preventing any stakeholder’s complaints. (more…)

Systems Approach to Project Management (EN) – SE Training

This course defines a holistic approach to project management for the development of new complex techno-centric systems. (more…)