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Soft Skills for Project Managers (EN, IT, FR) – VIRAK

This unique course has been designed to deliver, in just 2 days, a complete set of methods, tools, techniques and skills that will help Project Managers be much more effective at work. This highly participative course includes hands-on workshops, case studies, exercises, self-awareness, teamwork and role plays.


Project Sponsor – A Critical Role (EN, IT, FR) – VIRAK

Every project needs a Sponsor. The role of the Sponsor is crucial to project success and can make or break a project. It is thus critical for Sponsors to understand and be able to help the Project Manager in moving the project forward.


Project Risk Management (EN, IT, FR) – VIRAK

A 1-day intensive, interactive course that enables participants to develop skills in managing risks in projects. This course focuses on hands-on exercises, case studies and teamwork. It is suited to all employees who are asked to manage projects or be part of projects.


Project Manager Thinking Partner (EN, IT, FR) – VIRAK

Whether you are an experienced Project Manager or new to the job, a Thinking Partner can help you to succeed in your projects with less worry and more certainty. We help you think through problems, blockages, and situations where an external cool head can help the situation more clearly.